Spreading the Good News is the cornerstone of Christianity. At St. Michaelís we pride ourselves on creating a spiritual environment where all feel welcome.

Welcoming Committee
A committee that identifies people who are new to our parish and our community. They provide information to new homeowners about St. Michaelís and help new attendees to get acquainted with Parish Life opportunities

Each Sunday morning, designated parishioners welcome worshipers to St. Michaelís providing directions and information to newcomers. Our greeters help the welcoming atmosphere of our parish.

Publicity Committee
This committee is responsible for publicizing any events or news that is noteworthy and of interest to the greater community.

Coffee Hour
Held after the 10:00 a.m. (9:00 in summer) service, coffee hour is our way of sharing a few moments of conversation over a cup of coffee. It presents an excellent opportunity to integrate newcomers into parish life outside of the worship service. Held outdoors on the parish grounds weather permitting.

Building and Grounds
Caring for St. Michaelís physical structures and grounds, this committee prioritizes and schedules workdays and clean up days.  

Stained glass windows in our sanctuary.